Standards for the at home project called "What's Missing?"

5.1 The student will listen, draw conclusions, and share responses in subject-related group learning activities.
a) Participate in and contribute to discussions across content areas.
b) Organize information to present reports of group activities.
c) Summarize information gathered in group activities.

5.2 The student will use effective nonverbal communication skills.
a) Maintain eye contact with listeners.
b) Use gestures to support, accentuate, and dramatize verbal message.
c) Use facial expressions to support and dramatize verbal message.
d) Use posture appropriate for communication setting.

5.3 The student will make planned oral presentations.
a) Determine appropriate content for audience.
b) Organize content sequentially or around major ideas.
c) Summarize main points before or after presentation.
d) Incorporate visual aids to support the presentation.
e) Use grammatically correct language and specific vocabulary.

5.7 The student will demonstrate comprehension of information from a variety of print resources.
a) Develop notes that include important concepts, summaries, and identification of information sources.
b) Organize information on charts, maps, and graphs.