Before you begin reading this very long page of instructions, read this blog and think about how your life will be different even 5 years from now when you are in High School--or in 10, when you will be OUT of High School. Reflect on that a few minutes before we begin talking about this project.

The whole reason you were asked to read The Last Newspaper Boy in America was to think about how the world is changing and how small town amenities or many services we take for granted are disappearing or changing drastically because of how the world is so connected nowadays. This project is designed to help you realize how quickly the world IS changing so that you can begin to look at your world for trends and patterns and understand it better. You may also decide to become an activist as Wil did and make a difference in maintaining some of the services you see going away.

(For additional reading see this blog and this article from the New York Times.)

Here's your at home project for this week and next:

Your teams are assigned below. Your team is to come up with three (and only three) questions for each of you to ask 5 adults in your life. Your team must figure out how to collect the information, organize it and then share it with the rest of us. The presentations will be done on WHEN???? 2014.
Explain the basic story of The Last Newspaper Boy in America to the adult you are questioning in ONE sentence. Then you will question the adult as to how the world is changing and find out the services that are missing from the adult lives now that they had (or were present in their lives) more than 15 years ago. Please elicit from them the service and the approximate year it disappeared from their life. If you don't get the information needed from your three questions, you can't use that adult's response and you must find another adult to ask.

Here are two examples I could give if you asked me:
  1. When my kids were in high school, I had a charge account at a local gas store where they could go by and fill up their car and charge it to me. Now, I would have to give them a credit card to do that.) That was discontinued in about 1994.
  2. When I lived in West Virginia, milk could be delivered to the door in bottles. I don't know when that was discontinued because we moved from that state to Virginia when I was 7.

A few rules:
  1. Each of you have to come up with one draft question to bring to the team, then the team can work on those to make the final three.
  2. Each of you must find 5 adults to ask ONLY those three questions. You should use your iPod and microphone to tape the interview you have with each one.
  3. Since you have to present the information on Friday, you should probably have your information gathered by the end of this week so you can use next week to prepare to present.
  4. You will have time Wednesdays and Thursdays in class to work with your partners, but much of the work will HAVE to be done at home.
  5. Be creative in how you present your work--and your presentation can ONLY be 6 minutes long. If it runs over, it won't count for any of you.
  6. ALL of you have to be part of the presentation.

Your presentation MUST include:
  • the three questions (3 points)
  • the answers (5 points)
  • your team summary or conclusions about the answers you get (7 points)

15 points is an acceptable presentation. However, if you go above and beyond and make it creative and unusual, (and connect it to something you have read this year) you may earn up to 5 bonus points. The rest of the class will determine the bonus points for your group.

Have fun!

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